Call for Manuscripts

Africana Philosophy

The Oxford New Histories of Philosophy series seeks to broaden and reexamine philosophy’s past. As part of that effort, the series has interest in manuscripts focused on the history of Africana Philosophy, with special interest in African American political thought, and its continued contributions to contemporary concerns and themes in philosophy. Manuscripts should help readers rethink the structure of their historical narratives regarding philosophy’s history and also enrich a new generation of instructors and scholars as they map the philosophical landscape of the past.

The series is especially interested in two kinds of manuscripts.

Primary Texts are organized around an author or topic in Africana philosophy, along with a philosophically astute and historically rich introduction. The goal is to help scholars navigate unexplored materials in the history of philosophy. The series treats the term “philosophy” capaciously. Primary texts might reconsider the ways practices of slavery, domination, exclusion, and colonialism have shaped the arguments taken up by underexplored black thinkers, as well as the ways those arguments lie in and beyond the traditional treatise, political pamphlet, essay, and autobiography.

Examples of figures include:

  • Quobna Ottobah Cugoano
  • Maria Stewart
  • Martin Delany’s Political Destiny (Forthcoming)
  • Alexander Crummell
  • Booker T. Washington
  • Anna Julia Cooper
  • C. L. R. James
  • James Baldwin

Philosophical Commentaries are books on important primary materials and figures in the traditions of Africana philosophy. Monographs might offer fresh interpretations of single or multiple figures such as those listed above. Other monographs might stage an interaction between traditional “Western” concepts and Africana philosophy, highlighting the way in which figures cast a fresh light on well-known philosophical discussions. Yet other monographs might combine a primary text with critical philosophical essays by several scholars.

Examples include, although these need not be the final titles:

  • Dignity in African American thought
  • Rights in African American political thought
  • Recognition in Africana philosophy
  • Democracy (or Liberalism or Republicanism) in Africana Philosophy
  • Gender and Patriarchy in African American thought
  • Capitalism and Race in Africana Philosophy
  • Critical Essays on James Baldwin (or some other figure)

Send proposals to Melvin L. Rogers (). For more detail on writing a proposal, click here (for Primary Texts) or here (for Philosophical Commentaries):